Adresa: str. Bulevardul Victoriei nr.42
Oras: Sibiu
Detalii companie:
"The PPRO Group, ‘The Payment Professionals’, enables integrated electronic payment processing on a global scale spanning the entire payments value chain from acquiring through to issuing and processing. A financial institution certified within the EU with an e-money license issued by the UK financial regulatory body FCA, PPRO is also a PCI-certified principal member of MasterCard and Visa. Payment service provider and payment industry partners enter a single agreement with PPRO to benefit from access to a full range of international payment schemes. PPRO offers regulated merchants acquiring and payment services as well as PCI DSS certified technical processing solutions via a single integration. PPRO has developed a fully integrated interactive platform supporting a multitude of national and international payment schemes throughout more than 190 countries, giving payment service providers and payment industry partners a single, fast, easy-to-use and customisable interface to the payment methods in PPRO’s portfolio. An FCA authorised e-money institution, PPRO also offers a full range of issuing services for debit and prepaid cards. Under its own brand name VIABUY, PPRO issues Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards to consumer and corporate based customers. PPRO also offers comprehensive programmes enabling B2B prepaid solutions either under its own CROSSCARD brand or on a cobrand basis. These cards can be issued both physically and as virtual cards (e.g. vouchers) or NFC devices (e.g. stickers). As part of its e-fulfilment services, PPRO leverages an extensive partner network to distribute and resell products for commercial third parties in the form of software, mobile phone top-up cards and online vouchers."


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